Our Large Animals 

Sabrina and Ula - Rare Leicestershire Longwool Sheep. Come as a pair to your event as they are mother and daughter

Marvin and Minnie - Pygmy Goats. Come as a pair as they are brother and sister

Princess Thumbelina - American Miniature Cross Shetland

Coco - Midi Shetland Pony

Packages start at just £30. Excludes summer months.

Pony Package - Both our beautiful ponies attend your party for 1 hour for £100. You have the opportunity to walk, pet and groom.

Cuddle Corner (Cute and Fluffy) - All our beautiful rabbits and guinea pigs from £30 within 15 miles. £50 over 15 miles. Can be indoors too.

Cuddle Corner (Cute and Fluffy also not so fluffy) - 6 species of small animals for 1 hour (minimum) £50 but within a 15 mile radius. Personalise this package and pick the 6 species of small animals for your event. £80 over 15 miles. On both Cuddle Corner packages you can hire us for extra time at £20, every additional 30 minutes. Can be indoors too.

Field Animals- Book any of our field animals for a promotional event, meet and great, education or just fun from £100 per hour.

Cuddle Corner and ‘Goating’ around - Our 2 goats plus Cuddle Corner for £120 for 1 hour minimum. Pick the animals you wish to attend your event and have a cheeky day. Can be indoors, more ideal for halls etc. We bring a protective flooring to lay down too.

Small Farm - Cuddle Corner and 2 large animals*** for 1 hour (minimum) £170.
- Pick the animals you wish for your event and have a 'baa-tastic' day.

Hire either Cuddle Corner and ‘Goating’ around or Small Farm for more the 1 hr. Extra time is £35 for every 30 minutes.

Full Farm (2 hrs)  - Cuddle Corner and 3 large animals*** for 2 hours is £300.
- A popular package that you can tailor to suit your event. A larger space needed.

Full Farm (5 hrs) - Full farmyard experience - All our animals from the farm for 5 hours (minimum) £450 - Our animals will require a 15 to 30 minute break during our visit. 

Custom build your farm - Tailor a package to suit your needs, space and budget minimum £80.

*** Minnie and Marvin (Pygmy goats) are 1 large animal.
*** Sabrina and Ula (Sheep) are 1 large animal.

Have your own private farm to suit you. Ideal for events, fêtes, schools, care homes, large parties and corporate team building.

You can hire us for a set time then £35 for every additional half an hour. The price we quote is the price you'll pay. We have no hidden costs. 

Please note: if you live more than 15 miles away from us we do charge extra for fuel at £1 a mile. This will be explained to you at the time of booking.

Party bags
Non-food party bags with a farm theme are available for £2.50 with the birthday person getting their’s free. We also offer farmyard themed piñatas and sticker books

Terms and conditions
We require full payment on booking.
If you decide to cancel within the 48 hours the payment is non-refundable.
If we can not attend on the day due to any unforeseen circumstances, you will be entitled to a full refund of your payment and a discount on your next booking/re-schedule.

Our animals terms and conditions
Although we are cute and very friendly, we may require breaks and little rest periods during our visit, as it can sometimes get too much for us due to noise and stress.

As much as we love attending parties and events, due to any unforeseen circumstances some off us may not be able to attend. You will be informed prior to the event and a replacement animal will be made available. 

Although we are very friendly, we are still animals and we can be frightened or get excited. This may cause us to nip and panic. This is just us displaying our natural behavior, but we must make you aware of this.

Wycomb Pastures Mobile Petting Farm provides farmyard and countryside animals.